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Kick the Sugar Habit




3 Hours

About the Course

Kick the Sugar Habit

  1. Sugar Solution

  2. Are you addicted to Sugar?

  3. The effects of a sugar.

  4. Food Journalling

  1. What to eat to curb cravings?

  2. Mending the adrenal fatigue

  3. Good Carbs - Bad Carbs

  4. Learn new skills to calm and stabilize sugar cut backs.

Bottom line sugar is addictive and Kicking the sugar habit will provide physical and emotional wellness.

We can help you work on this!

Your Instructor

Ashley Amerson

Ashley Amerson

Ashley was a junk- aholic. Ashley are overweight sluggish and had no motivation. She personally knows the difficulty of overcoming the sugar addition. The journey is possible and it is a challenge. The health benefits are worth it and you can overcome it too.

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