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Mindset Eating - Curb the Cravings!




2 hours

About the Course

Food craving are triggered by what starts in our mind. Many times when we are stress we reach out of foods that elevate our mood. Stressed spelled backwards spells DESSERTS.

Why do we eat junk foods, sweets and other sugary foods, is it because you're bored, lonely and need a quick fix of comfort food. When this happens it brings another emotion - guilt, anger and sadness. You feel worse and in turn the emotional issue is still there.

Do you want your cravings to be in control? You need to get your emotions in control.

Get the guidance and learn the system to stop and curb the craving cycle.

Do you have the right attitude,?

Do you have motivation?

Do you want understand why you have mood swings?

You will understand how to curb the cravings and enjoy the new you that can bring results and happiness.

Think about what you really want - slender naturally and have lasting happiness.

Book an appointment and let's curb cravings.

Your Instructor

Crystal Jones

Crystal Jones

As a holistic wellness coach and nutritionist providing instructions and lessons on improving your health journey. How to nourish your body and be the best you can be.

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