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Quick Fix Diet Secrets




2 Hours

About the Course

Need a Quick Start on Slimming and Trimming.

Great Slenderizing Choices

Great Waist Trimming Foods

What foods to avoid


Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

Curb Cravings


Herbs, Teas and Powders that help shed pounds.

If you need a quick start to shedding pounds, we can help.

Get started book your appointment.

Your Instructor

Melisa Harris

Melisa Harris

Hi my name is Melisa, I am a retired model and now a fit coach. As a former runway model we had to loose a size or two to fit into sleek chic clothes. I learned tips and tricks to do in 3 to 5 days - to slim down, trim down and slender naturally. I can help you and inspire you to give you a quick start.

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