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The Domino Effect - Personal Self Improvement




1 hour session X 4 weeks.

About the Course

If you were to paint a picture of yourself what color would it be bright and cheery or dark and gloomy?

Are you a courageous person or fearful one?

Are you the comfort zone?

Are you on autopilot doing the same thing over and over?

We can provide the changes needed and help make powerful decisions?

Make lasting transformation in using the Domino effect in your job, family, working out or weight-loss issues?

What is your potential?

Whats holding your back?

Trust issues?

What's the heart of your motivation?

Building your self esteem?

Overcoming fear and setbacks?

Overwhelmed and unmotivated?

Understanding set backs?

Self Sabotaging?

Are you motivated enough to achieve your goal?

We help you focus on the outcome of your decision.

We help you with the faith you need to believe in yourself.

Weekly Coaching and friendship along the way.

Trust the process.

We look forward in being part of your journey!

Let's start with your LEAD DOMINO!

Your Instructor

Sandra James

Sandra James

Sandra is a Trainer and Wellness Coach providing life changing implementations to the Dominos effect, removing the unstuck thinking. How to navigate your life to a new you.

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