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Transform Your Meals from Boring to an Exquisite Delight.

Eating the same things every day might cause us to lose interest in our diet, and we may end up turning to foods that are fast, processed and even unhealthy. To avoid a boring meals let's open up some flavorful spices, healthful condiments, and other ingredients that will transform each meal into a distinct and sensual experience.

Surely, some you may have and enjoying using but here are some suggestions for incorporating spices into your using.

Turmeric: Smoothies, soups, vegetables dishes, certain desserts, mix in fresh vegetable juice and hot beverages.

Macha: Hot beverages, tea, smoothies, and fresh vegetable juice.

Ginger: Juices, salads and tea are all good options.

Cinnamon: It's most often used in sweets, although it may also be used in smoothies, coffee and desserts.

Sage: Season in soups, creams, and sauces, as well as blended with other spices. It's also good in certain salads.

Saffron: It may be used to season soups, hummus, and sauces, as well as stews when combined with other spices. It's also a good addition to several different salads.

Paprika: Put in some heat to your avocado dishes, hummus, dips or other sauces to give it some punch.

Pepper: It is perfect for seasoning to use salad dressings, soups, marinades even your vegetable juices.

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