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Snacking is one super way to make sure you don’t suffer from low blood sugar. It’s also a great way to do what many nutrition experts recommend, which is to eat 5-6 small meals a day. However, if you’re not careful, snacking can put you above your normal calorie intake which means gaining weight. Here are 10 healthy snacks that are under 100 calories each:

#1 Nuts.

Almonds are a great source of fiber and protein which means your blood sugar levels will stay even. It also means you’ll stay full for a good long time. A handful of almonds or pistachios, about 12-15, is around 100 calories. Doesn’t sound like much but you’ll feel satisfied after eating them.

#2 Hardboiled egg.

Hardboiled eggs can be prepared in advance and they’re fairly easy to store. Additionally, each egg is packed with protein and they’re low in fat and calories. One hardboiled egg contains around 78 calories.

#3 Hummus and veggies or pita bread.

Hummus is a dip prepared from chick peas and tahini or sesame paste. It’s delicious, packed with protein and fiber and seriously filling. Two tablespoons and a wedge of pita bread come in around 100 calories. For more fiber and a serving of veggies use carrot sticks or celery instead of pita bread.

#4 Craving chocolate?

Grab a low fat pudding cup. The protein in the dairy will help balance your blood sugar and the chocolate will…well you know what the chocolate does. It soothes the soul.

#5 Popcorn.

Three cups of air popped popcorn comes in at around 90 calories. That’s without butter. Popcorn doesn’t really provide much nutritional value but it doesn’t really have any ill effects either.

#6 Tortilla chips.

You can eat around 15 bite sized tortilla chips and have some calories to spare. Ten chips come in around 55 calories. Saves room for a tablespoon of salsa.

#7 Blueberries.

Blueberries pack a punch when it comes to antioxidants. And you can eat a whole cup of them and only consume 75 calories.

#8 Not a blueberry fan?

Eat a banana. A small to medium banana is around 100 calories.

#9 Love watermelon?

You can eat a half a medium watermelon and only consume 50 calories.

Snack time is easy when you’re prepared. And while non-processed foods are always preferred, there are some fairly healthy, low calorie processed options available.

Plan ahead and you won’t go hungry; better yet you’ll lose weight and stay healthy.

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