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Knowing and mastering various cooking techniques is crucial to becoming a skilled chef or cook at home. Knowing cooking techniques lets you cook with various ingredients and kitchen appliances to get consistent, tasty outcomes in your cooking. This article will allow you to discover the essential methods for cooking.

types of cooking methods
Types of cooking methods


Broiling is the process of transferring intense heat onto food, typically through a source located above the food, which is cooked on one side at a time.


Grilling is the same as for broiling, and radiant heat is used in cooking foods. Grilling makes use of a heat source that is situated under the surface.


Roasting is done in an oven. It is cooked using indirect heat, which cooks from all sides to achieve even browning. The method used to cook meat is slowly, pulling flavors out of meat.


Sauteing takes place by a flame in a shallow, hot pan. It uses a tiny amount of fat or oil to coat food items for even browning.

Stir Fry

Food is fried in a small amount of oil; the technique is an old Chinese technique where food is fried in small amount of oil on high heat with constant stirring.


Poaching is a delicate method of cooking where food items are immersed in boiling liquid that is between 140 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit.


This method of cooking involves submerging food items in water that is heated to its boiling point of 213°F.


Simmering is a method of cooking food but involves more heat than poaching, generally between 185 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.


Steaming, like poaching, is a safe method of moist heat cooking food. It does not require additional oils or fats. Food is cooked by the steam that is rising in boiling water.


In this method, food is cooked in a small amount of oil. The process is carried out in an oven with a shallow pan or flat-bottomed wok.

Deep Frying

When you deep-fry an ingredient, you completely submerge it in extremely hot fat or oil in a wide or deep pan. This results in a golden and crispy coating to the ingredients.


Baking utilizes indirect heat to wrap food items and cook them from all sides. Baking and roasting are nearly identical; however, baking is typically done at lower temperatures.


In this technique, uses indirect heat which turns slowly to cook the meat evenly. Some people have used rotisserie cooking in a fireplace or on the campfire, or in the oven like heater as the meat is rotating on a spit .


In this process, dehydrating works low temperatures 105-115 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminate the moisture from food. Many dried fruits and vegetables are dehydrated for later use and for preserving.

Air Frying

Air fryers circulate rapid hot air around the food to provide crispy food. Food items are loaded into the air fryer's basket, and the lid is then closed. The air fryer cooks much like frying without the oil.

Slow Cookers

A slow cooker is used to cook food for a long period of time and at low temperatures, the results are softer food.

Pressure Cookers

Is high steam pressure cooking, traps hot air and moisture extracting the flavor efficiently from foods. Used for stews, soups and braising, providing fast results.

Fire Pit

Food is put in a pit for cooking, and then the entire grill is covered by a lid. This keeps smoke and heat within the food and cooks it across the entire surface.


The food, in particular, is cooked on burning coals, wood or propane gas using direct radiant heat. Meat, chicken or fish is heated over the BBQ to grill the outside of the meat.

Sous Vide

To do this, it is necessary to wrap the food items in plastic bags and then put them into an insulated container filled with water. The water is then heated to a specified temperature, allowing food to cook through immersion.

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