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Are you struggling to lose weight? It is a long-term journey that includes many hardships and challenges. Everyone has different workout routines and diet plans that affect the weight-reducing journey.

According to studies, the average person tries to loose weight through dieting between 55 to 126 times. Moreover, the US Centres of Disease Control and Prevention states that half of US adults who plan their dieting includes 56 percent women. The rest of them are men if we evaluate the rate of successful persons who reduce weight in a given time.

We notice the increase in obesity rate and the trend of diets every year. It is a fact that every diet is not successful in reducing weight.

Does dieting work to really loose weight?

As we already said, following diet plans doesn't assure weight loss. According to studies, 95 percent of average persons fail to lose weight by dieting in five years. It has been a long time. Now different reasons cause the failure of weight-reducing journey.

Moreover, some people gain more weight instead of reducing it. It has different facts and habits that increase weight even after a controlled diet

What mistakes many make in their weight loss diet plans?

Now here are some significant mistakes that fail the diet to reduce weight.

Overly restricted diets

It is one of the common reasons that didn't help reduce weight. Many of us have the prescription that overly restricted diets can provide more benefits. When you skip some aspects of food in your diet for a longer time, it causes a negative health impact. Many of us also face obesity as a result of nutrient deficiency.

You need to maintain calorie consumption instead of eliminating certain foods in your diet. Skipping regular meals and restricting calorie intake is not the correct key for reducing weight.

Excessive exercise

It is another misconception that over-exercise helps to reduce more weight. When your body is used to performing heavy exercise daily, it stops burning fat. The primary goal of the training is to burn fat and maintain the body fat level to reduce obesity.

Moreover, many of us think that we can eat what we want and perform excessive exercise to reduce weight. It is not the proper practice. First, you need to maintain your diet and follow the appropriate activity for better results.

Bad relationship with food

The bad relationship with food also plays a critical role in reducing weight. It is expected that many of us have unhealthy eating relationships with food even after having rigid rules. You may plan to eat at a specific time and specific food in a limited amount. But follow the binge eating habits and feel guilty. Moreover, some of us also have the habit of anorexia nervosa that they eat more during anxiety and feel guilty about it.

It is the particular reason it didn't help reduce weight even after following the diet plans and strict exercise routine.

How does food help to reduce weight?

Food is an essential element of our life. You can maintain your weight and achieve the goal by using it as a tool. Every food is excellent regarding its nutritional value and health benefits. One cannot skip a particular food group to reduce weight.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet means you have to take every nutrient in the right amount according to body requirements. When you use the food in the right ways to maintain the body requirements, it will automatically help you achieve your goals.

Now, if you also want to reduce weight through diet, then ensure to maintain your food selection and exercise habits. It will help to achieve the goals quickly with better results.

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