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Are you a fan of munching all the time? Let’s delve into smart snacking to make our lives better! Choose the smart snacks that are filling as well as tasty to please your body while keeping the dietary intake maintained.

When the huger hits with some tempting cravings, you might rush to the sugary snacks, candies or some other junk. This gives you temporary satisfaction that fades away but the blank calories are left with you. The best smart snack options are those that are low in calories, fats and sugar, and have a mix with of protein, fiber, carbs and various micronutrients.

Here are 10 best snacking options under 100 calories that are packed with good nutrition

Baby carrots

Baby carrots are beneficial for eye health as they contain beta carotene and lutein, and 8 of these carrots provide 42 kcal.


Watermelon can be a perfect treat as its sweet and juicy with loads of Vitamin A and C. 1 cup of watermelon provides 46kcal.


Blueberries are tiny but packed with abundant antioxidants. According to USDA, 1 cup of blueberries contain 86 kcal and 14.6mg Vitamin C that assists weight management and prevent the body from various diseases.


Strawberries might be seasonal but frozen strawberries are also a popular snack. 1 cup of strawberries provide 53kcal, 97.3mg Vitamin C and 3g fiber. They are high in anti-oxidants and are especially beneficial for high blood pressure.


Oranges can be the immunity boosters as each orange contains 72 kcal and 82mg Vitamin C. They are also beneficial for skin and have high fiber content.


Almonds are heart healthy nuts that are high in plant protein and contain cholesterol lowering fats. ½ ounce of almonds contain 86kcal.


Edamame also known as soy beans have high protein and fiber content. 1/3 cup of edamame provides 75kcal.


Popcorn can be a good snack if prepared without butter and salt. About 1 cup of popcorn provide 31kcal therefore, you can enjoy approximately 3 cups of popcorn under 100 calories.

Hummus with celery

Hummus with a veggie is a good combo as hummus has high protein content whereas celery provide good fiber. 2 tablespoons of hummus contains 60kcal and a stalk of celery has 9kcal, that makes 69 kcal.

Cucumber with seasoning

Cucumber can be seasoned with cottage cheese. They can be a filling combination as both have high protein and water content and have 90kcal and 9kcal in ½ cup respectively.

Snacking is vital for your health because ignoring the signs of hunger within the meals might cause low-blood sugar level, decreased energy level or overeating afterwards. Choose any of the above mentioned snacks whenever you feel like snacking!

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